Rainbow Cake

Colorful cakes fascinate me, so when I saw a cake like this on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try to recreate it. I thought this was going to be a no brainer. I already had a cake recipe and gel colors to dye the batter. All I needed was jellybeans. Who knew they would be so hard to find? Mike and Ike was on sale at the market, so I bought 10 boxes, just in case the color distribution in the box was inconsistent.


For the most part, coloring the batter wasn’t that bad. Ok, it was pretty terrible. All of the colors mixed fine with the exception of purple. I thought I had purple dye, but I really had violet. When I added it to the batter, it was really a darkish blue/grey. Mixing tried and true red and blue together = greyish brown. This was color theory 101. How could I mess this up !?!?


I spent the next hour online trying to see who had a solution to my problem and came up empty. I finally mixed fuchsia with violet and a little sky blue and achieved a true purple! Of course by this time, my nice fluffy batter looked a bit worse for wear, but I baked it anyway. It came out of the oven a little dense and tough, but I didn’t care. I just put it at the bottom.


For the first time, my son wanted to help with the cake and helped put the Mike and Ike’s on top. I’m sure his help was due to the fact that candy was involved and I let him sample it while I took pictures.


This cake was a lot of fun to put together and worth the extra effort. I’m hoping one of my friends will want me to make one for their birthday ☺




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